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Was it selfish of me to break up before his exam?

I was in a long distance relationship with my ex for 6 months. He was very caring for the most part. However the last month we were fighting heaps because issues started to build up. He never wanted to sort out our issues and preferred to act like everything was ok but I couldn't pretend that we were ok. I was so hurt that he didn't care about my feelings. When I told him why I was upset he didn't want to listen and kept saying why can't we just be happy like we were before? During our last fight he said he didn't want to call me to talk about our issues saying that he didn't feel like it. When he finally called, I told him how I was feeling and all he replied was ok is that all you have to say coz I want to go study. I just completely lost it and broke up with him right on the spot and said bye and hung up. I also blocked him on Facebook and deleted his number off my phone. I did this a day before his exam at uni. I felt terrible for the bad timing but he kept hurting me and I just couldn't take being disrespected that way until his exam was over.

I sent an email apologizing for the bad timing but he never replied. We didn't talk for a month. Just yesterday I asked him if he could send me something important to me that I left at his place. He said that i talk such bullshit and that I'm selfish and how I don't deserve anything from him. Even after that hurtful email I sent an apology email coz I didn't want to leave things on a sour note from my end and of course he didn't reply.

Was it really selfish of me to break up with him before his exam given the situation? I don't get why he's still so angry and treating me like this. I doubt he will ever talk to me again or return my item..
Was it selfish of me to break up before his exam?
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