Tips on eventually finding that special girl (description within)?

My background:
1. I am a very motivated and dedicated person. I am very pursuant of my goals and desires. Example: I lost 70 pounds in a year, I work extensively to gain the education and other opportunities I seek even if it means taking drastic measures
2. I am very knowledgeable with public safety, specifically EMS and fire, and have years worth of experience in volunteerism and training
3. Physically, I am fit and a weightlifter, yet I am on the short side and below average for my height.
4. I have very few friends, and while I am not shy per-say, I can be rather awkward and it takes me time to warm up and adjust to people. My conversations do not last all too long as I run out of topics to talk about.
5. I am a very honest and open person, so much that it can be easy for some to take advantage of what I say and use it against me. I learned that the hard way and started filtering my mouth.
6. I am a virgo and the description matches me quite well
7. I am a virgin, never had sex

The girl I am seeking
1. A virgin, never had intercourse. She could of done "other things" but not be penetrated.
2. While I am not too shallow when it comes to looks, I prefer a girl not to be fat. She does not have to be supermodel skinny and can have some meat, but not to the point she is obviously overweight or obese. Also, I am not all into the girls with tattoos and piercings.
3. A girl who is non judgmental and not overly sensitive, basically a girl that is approachable
4. A girl who is modest, and shares Christian values, but not a religious zealot either

Oh yeah, I am 19


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  • I think there might be slightly more virgin girls than guys to be honest but sometimes they are doing it because they're waiting till marriage esp the religious types. Though there are other girls that are virgins because they want to wait for a relationship and not necessarily till marriage.

    You should make it clear how much you put value on virginity. Would you want a virgin girl and the relationship to later on become sexual or a virgin girl that will not do it till marriage?

    • I can't stand overly religious fanatics either.

    • Like said, I prefer a Christian girl, but not the zealot type where it is to the extreme (like to where she always talks about her faith 24/7). I had a male friend like that, and it made me nervous every time I was around him because I was afraid I would always screw up.

    • Yeah those are fanatics I wouldn't associate with either. Honestly I think you'll find her quickly. There are lots of Christian girls that aren't religious extremists.

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