What am I doing wrong?

Ok, the past 3 girls that I have had anything with whether its a moment or a kiss. It has ended up where they have left and just dropped me for there ex boyfriends.

Now Me, I'm still that bad boy type but not the trash talker or smooth talker, and not the one who treats a girl like trash.

But yet, I'm still that guy who is the same guy in front of his friends as he is with his girlfriend.

I am both the very outgoing and the shy guy you would meet out on the town or at a party (either one)

But I am shy for the most part, I'm really not the out going type until I feel comfortable, but When I am I'm more of a party liaison.

So I am not really sure what I am doing wrong to have these girls drop me for there ex's who they feel the need to bash on why they are so bad for them to me.


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  • I know from experience that if you are not over you ex. You will jump into a relationship just to think you are over him. But you not. And the new relationship makes you miss the ex ten times more. What you need if a girl who hasn't been screwed over. Maybe even that girl who is looking for that guy to be "her guy" but you gotta stop being the rebound. You sound like an all around great guy. She will find you. Don't worry


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  • I think that they just use you to make there ex jealous don't fall for it go for a girl who likes you and nobody else try to be less shy I know it's hard but try to show your personality more in public


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  • Are you attracting girls who go for the bad-boy image? If so, your image does not appear to reflect your personality so the girls run back to their ex-boyfriend.

    Shyness can be overcome. Most guys would love to have the bad-boy persona so you are already a step ahead but you need to be able to show the girl that you can make them laugh, show them a fun time, and above all that you have a fantastic personality.

    If the girls all had similar personalities, e. G. Drawn to bad boys, perhaps it is time to expand your horizon and also date some down-to-earth type of girls who feel more at ease with a shy personality.

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