Emotionally attached to someone else?

How to win over someone who is emotionally attached to someone else?


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  • It's easy, but may take time. You know the routine: Smile, eye contact, and friendly conversation about personal matters as often and as much as possible. Stand or sit as closely as you may. Touch, bumping shoulders when possible. Never never utter an unpleasant word and never frown in that person's presence. Always dress subtly sexy but appropriate. Invite the person for coffee as often as possible. Be ready to do favors, like asking if you can bring a coffee or something from the store, should they be busy. Can you flirt? "Accidentally" expose skin. Pick something up from the floor, facing away from the person. And most important is that the person know how to easily contact you.

    Sooner or later, the person will have an argument with the other, or just become bored, or become depressed over some extraneous matter--and you are that discreet person to turn to for consolation.


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