Im confused between two guys. Don't know who is better or who is more worth it?

I met this guy in a party and we hit it off instantly. The guy was so impressed by me that the very next day he invited meeeee over for dinner at his place. He was trying his best to be cozy and stuff but I didn't let him do anything. So he thought I was playing hard to get. He invited me over again next night around 3am n obviously I said NO cuz it was too late. So now he's acting all arrogant and full of attitude towards me. But the night when I went to his place for dinner there was another guy who was extremely friendly, fun and nice. He took my Number and fb id and all kept texting me everyday. He wanted to take me out many times as well but I just kept on making excuses just cuz I didn't wanted to look bad infront of the other guy. But now I've had enough of it!!! He has been trying to act too 'cool' for too long now. So should I just go out with the second guy who is a friend of the firsts? Or should I make some excuses again?

The main problem is these two guys are from the same friend circle. :(


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  • u r confused
    but make sure don't go with both
    though they r from different circle ever

    as u have described u should go with another
    because first one seems like short tempered and
    u will have to face the problems in future if u will be in relationship

    but second seems carrying so u should go with him
    if he stops asking then
    u should ask and say sorry that u were to busy
    and u know what to do then
    know him
    find enough worth then be with him

    but somehow make sure that first one does not like u anymore or have not fallen for u
    means through friends or trust able people around him

    also hurry and don't get used
    cause it may too late if will wait too long
    means some time u will need to know him but don't take too long time

    at last u will have to decide what to do
    just think wisely and don't take any decision when u r too angry or too happy
    this will always give pain in future

    before deciding anything think with peace in mind and calmly
    during dates be polite in voice

    just go ahead and also make sure about first guy
    and if somehow u will know with out inquire means from body language and his behavior
    then straight go toward the second

    u have possibility of impact in future between these two
    as u have said second is calm and carrying enough then he will handle the situation

    hope it helps
    thanks for reading
    best of luck
    have a nice time


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  • Obviously you enjoy yourself more with the first but dont want to go fast with the sex. I think you should let both go. The first is fun but arrogant. The second is boring but nice. :/


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  • I would not mess w/the friend unless u r completely done w/ur current bf. Whatever one u choose should treat u the same when ur alone as when u r w/his or ur friends. We AS WOMEN ARE QUEENS AN SHOULD EXPECT TO BE TREATED LIKE SUCH.