Diving into Deep ends, is he real?

For some of those familiar with my questions.

I have gone out on two dates with this guy, as I'm not very experienced with dating. I was so excited to have even gone two. Anyways.

This guy doesn't have much confidence in himself ( or maybe he's just fronting, I don't know) every time we can't or talk, he always says I should 'give him a chance' and 'don't forget me' talk. I'm new to these things and really don't want to get carried away because he's the first genuine guy that seems to be a gentleman.

I think it's too soon for him to be talking about the future or that he loves me but what really made me like him was the fact that since we started going on dates or talking was that he has never ever mentioned, hinted or talked about sex. He hugs me, kisses my cheeks or forehead then says I really love you.

But I'm shy and scared and you can never be too careful with these things especially since I met him online.

He is quiet and nothing that I've fantasised about in a man but I'm starting to really really really like him.

What do you all think?


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  • Any kind of "I love you" talk this early is a ginormous red flag. But! But... if you really like him, and you like the pace he dictates, then I say let it play.

    • I understand, I told to hold off on the 'I love you' and tells me what he feels or thinks if we are still together in 6months. He says if he says things like that, his feeling will not change. Like most girls, I always picture myself with a hunk but got the opposite. He's a hunk don't get me wrong, but in a nerdy kind of way and have respect for me. He's not a guy that I'll go for. Ohhhh. Forgot to mention the important things here... He is white and I'm black, I supposed that doesn't matter?

    • Race may or may not matter to your family and friends, but does it matter to who you are? Or think you are?

    • Nope, I don't care what people think I terms of race. Ignorance has no cure. I just really like this one and I hope I'm not making a huge mistake.

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