When they say it's the way you present yourself. what do they mean?

Title says all, but i have another question

How do i talk to girls?
i mean i know it's how you would talk to your friends, make her laugh but the thing is how do i know what to say to make her laugh, why is it so hard for me to get any attention from any girl, i tried online and i still got rejected, i guess it's the way i present myself? and does that mean i'm ugly or not worth talking to.. i don't understand


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  • Sweet, Sweet, Jesus! I will try to help you since Im female and all females are the same everywhere all over the world. The way you present yourself can mean the manner in which you speak. This can sometimes be associated with education. If you have a University degree chances are you know what it means to have a formal more proper way of speaking. This isn't to say that people who dont have a degree can't do this. Its just that at that level of education you are expected to be able to express an opinion in a formal manner. So, if you are a country bumpkin chasing a city girl who has a University degree. Good luck. You should probably aim for someone with a similar education level as you. So, If you are a blue collar find a blue caller female... maybe someone at work.

    The manner in which you carry yourself means are you walking upright or slouched. Are you giving off an air of confidence or insecurity. You may have to ask a friend this question. Make sure your friend isn't an idiot.

    It could mean how you are dressed too. Lets face it we aren't all fashionistas and sometime we need help. I am by all means not saying you should go break the bank and get the best clothing. Wear whats comfortable, affordable and complimentary to your body. If you have a friends who excel in this department ask them to give you some tips.

    How to talk to girls: The second a guy finds a girl attractive he turns into an idiot an ruins it for himself. She is just a girl. If you really have no experience with women Id suggest just being friends with them first so you can feel comfortable with them and they can help you if you have questions. Bonus is they have friends that are girls so if you play your cards right she can put in a good word for you. Please dont make the mistake of hitting on the girl that is your friend.. we women dont like that. Dont try so hard and dont bend over backward to please a girl you like. People are funny or they arnt, its optional, dont worry about that.


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  • I would imagine they mean the way you come across what you present to the world. Do you come across as lacking confidence or a bit negative? It has nothing to do with looks


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  • Okay, this is some honest man to man advice here. If your picture is what you're presenting to women, you're not going to get any replies. You look emotionless. When it comes to online dating, your pictures mean more than anything you say on your profile. The majority of people don't even read profiles first. If you want responses online, you need pictures of you smiling, and also some of you out and about. If you can't do out and about, at least put on a good shirt and take some good happy selfies.

    As far as offline goes, women can tell if you lack confidence. They get approached by guys on a pretty regular basis and have been since a young age. So they have a good barometer for judging guys. It's the reason why guys who may not be as attractive or not have the best job, can pull an attractive woman with a masters degree and a great job, and a guy like the kid in California who went on a shooting spree is left wondering why he can't pull the same woman. It's about how you carry yourself.