Good start, bad progress - is good ending possible?

4 months ago I met one girl. Since we live quite far away from each other we communicated through internet. I think she liked me. We saw each other personally 3 times and everytime she said she enjoyed it. For the last one and half month the situation is not good (we communicate but you know - it si frozen) and I think it is because I didn't pay much attention to her. (I had to finish my school - but it is bad excuse) Now I am little bit ashamed but I realized, that I like her the more I am loosing her. She even invited me to her home country where she is going for a holiday when we last saw each other. (now I am afraid of asking if the invitation is still valid) My question is - girls: Is a scenario of good start, bad progress and good ending possible? What should I do? Should I flirt more? (I must admit, that I am not flirty type)


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  • A good ending is definitely possible if you are willing to put in the effort. Tell her what you said here, you are begin to realize how much you really like her now that you are potentially losing her. Apologize for not paying attention to her; apologies can go a long way! Show her you care and that you want to get to know her more. If its going well, maybe hint at the trip and see how she responds

    • thx. Oh you know - my ego :-) Ok, I am not sure if i am able to fully verbally express my feeling to her but I will try my best in paying attention.. Is it possible this way?

    • No problem, hope it helped some!
      Yea for sure! Just put in some time getting to know her, show her you genuinely care about her and she will notice on her own that you like her.

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