Is my boyfriend pissed off at a comment I made?

i was texting my boyfriend and i said i was weird and yet he still liked me and thats a mystery that will never be solved and he said sure and i just was like ok but thats ok cuz ur really weird too and i like complete weirdos like you <3 and he said geez thanks good night and said nothing else is there any possible chance that he could be pissed off at me for saying that i was just messing around with him but he's a weirdo and every1 knows it so i thought hey thats ute and we usually text till 2am he ended our convo at 10:45 did i piss him off?

ok thanks for commeting but im good now i thought im a straightforwar person im gonna ask him turns out he had a really stressful day and was super tired and wasn't upset at me at all he even said he was sorry he freaked me out like that and said he
said he loved me*


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  • I don't think he could be that sensible. You know him better than anyone here would, so, could he really be offended by that? I don't think so. It doesn't sound like anything you said was ill intended. Ask him if what you said offended him in any way, because that was not your intention. If he was offended, then let me tell you he's going to be a princess every time you try being yourself with a simple joke.


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  • Probably. He is probably used to everyone calling him weird his whole life. Then you find someone you admire and love and you feel normal and think they understand you and then you find out they think you are wierd. He should know what you meant by it but sometimes our significant others misinterpret what we say.

  • Let's see you could of
    Hurt is judgement by saying he dates weirdos
    Hurt his feelings by calling him a weirdo when I could already be a sure spot because of past experiences.

  • You can't tell if he's pissed or no. Just ask him, and say for him that you're sorry if you pissed him of and you don't mean it. I think he'll appreciate that. Hope my comments help :)


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