I wish I never met this girl now?

I really don't know how this happened but it
did. I've completely fallen for this girl but things are messed up. For one she's married, two we barely talk anymore. Please don't judge, it's going nowhere but now I'm seeking answers. This whole thing happened over the course of a year. We work together and when I first started I noticed this cute girl staring at me in meetings. I didn't think she was all that at first, but I noticed she got my attention by the way she'd flip her hair around until I looked at her. I also noticed we were running into each other all the time and she would never really talk. One time she came back to my office and asked me a random question and just lingered in my door way. So I stop her one day in the hall and her face turns deep red and she stuttered she was so shaken or nervous. After this she was following me into the hall in the morning and we'd walk and talk. This would happen almost everyday for like 4 month but she's disappear on me occasionally and have some lame excuse as to why. At this point I had started to like her much more. She's cute, shy, and innocent this must be why i fell for her. So overtime I became frustrated with how she would go missing and come back. I started to ignore her and act off. Then she'd come back then we'd repeat the cycle over again. I talked about the hot intern around her to make her jealous. I noticed she'd flirt with my buddy sometimes right in front of me sometimes she'd watch me. I felt like she was moving towards him over time, last Christmas I ignored her for almost 2 months. My buddy tells me that she has been walking talking with him everyday like her and i used to. Which made me upset. I starts talking to her again and she feel off of him. He even mentioned how she did.

So he's gone and it's weird between her and I. Awhile back I started skipping lots of our group lunches bc I didn't want to be made jealous. She has skipped all of them the past 7 mos, except when I was out of town.


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  • I was married for 25 years and struggled with attraction to different guys, since there was no passion in my marriage and my ex was hard to deal with, always making conflicts for every stupid thing. It looks like this girl is or was attracted to you, but maybe tried to keep away from you at times out of guilt or because she did not want to loose her marriage. When you ignored her for a while, she took refuge in your friend to feel less crappy, I guess. Now, I don't know what the deal is with your friend. You say that when you start showing interest again, she pulls away from him? Then she was waiting for you to react and show interest again.

    • I don't get it, by now in sure she knows that I'm easily jealous for sure. And yes, I kept a. We on things and noticed that almost immediately she stopped doing this and my fried brought it up one day how she stopped and it broke his heart he said jokingly. Things have been extremely weird and awkward between us for sometime, especially since we used to talk almost daily. After and during much of my ignoring id go to talk to her and it was like she didn't have time. Like I'd go to her desk and say hi and she'd like start tk turn around but turn back to her computer and act like she's working and too busy to chat. And the whole skipping lunches thing when she had to go to them all? I can't help but think I caused that. She seemed to flock to my buddy when I was ignoring her hardcore. Up until that point if never seen then talk. At least like her and I did. I didn't know it was happening until he told me and how it was creeping him out.

    • Part 2

      It's likes she still wants my attention, but acts like she's too busy to chat with me.

      Skipping lunches except the one when I was gone. The one before last it was my turn to pick lunch she emails me and says "I've got too much going on so I can't go" when she didn't have to tell me that. Then we had a corp HQ tour scheduled and she asked if I was going. I said yes, and she calls in sick. She just does stuff like that.

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