I'm lowering my standards just to get guys attention :-(?

I've been seeing guys, slept with some, thought they were nice, spent time with them but it never works out or they just disappear... Now I'm just lonely, I don't feel good even though I'm not half bad, I go to the gym a lot I take care of myself but I feel awful.. I've invested so much time and energy in different guys this year thinking it was something.. now I just talk to guys on this online dating site just so I don't feel so lonely.. Or I'll put a bikini picture up and get some attention. But that's not who I am, I don't want to do that to myself. All I want is someone who will just listen and talk to me and show an interest in just talking to me/getting to know my personality - nothing else... I don't know what to do anymore :(


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  • You're too easy. Men don't respect women who are easy to have sex with! Don't let some guys convince you otherwise!

    You need to raise your standards, and realize that sex is supposed to have meaning. Carelessly having sex with get you called a slut, and people will think badly of you.

    That's just the way the world works :(

    • You've been brutally honest here and I can't disagree with anything you said. You are right, I do need to realise that I have to either raise my standards or be called a slut. Thank you ! :)

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  • What other things do you invest time in, other then going to the gym and taking care of yourself?

  • well what else can you do? lower your standards or stay lonely? its up to you


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