Girls: Please explain online dating mentality to me?

I'm on dating websites like match. com and pof. com and in two months I was only able to get one date. I'm starting to feel really unattractive and I'm really not. I always try to be witty and funny with my messages and never anything weird.

Here's what I don't understand: I could be chatting to a girl over several days and everything is going fine and she is letting me know she likes me. Then after a few days I say "hey we should hang out some time" and bam just like that all conversation stops and I never hear back from them. One girl outright said she doesn't date strangers... I'm wondering why she's on a dating website where everyone is a stranger.

Can someone explain this to me? I really thought dating sites were about dating...


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  • The guys I met on match didn't report that they were struggling like guys on here say. They said they went on dates, but a lot of people weren't what they were looking for (same as real life).

    I think being 25-30, average looking, not too overweight and a white collar professional seems to be the sweet spot there, though. You may be too young.

    POF, I've heard, it crazyville, however.

    I think, at your age, offline is better. People are hanging out all the time. The reason online is better at 25+ is because people are busier and you have more normal folks on there.


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  • Why not just meet people when out and about and avoid all the BS that comes along with online dating? I'm sure some people are on there for attention only without any intention of actually dating.


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  • Dating sites kinda suck from a guy's perspective. Girls get an inflated sense of themselves since there are so many guys messaging them on a regular basis