Guys: How much luck have you had with dating websites and how long have you been doing it?

Guys that are on dating websites... How long have you been on them and how successful have you been?

What is your approach to a total stranger.

I send out something like 50 messages and get maybe 4 responses back. Out of those 4, 3 fizzle out or straight up don't continue the conversation any further. One will work out sort of.

My approach is trying to be witty and funny but it doesn't really matter how much energy I out into my messages because the hit rate is the same.


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  • None. It doesn't work for me


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  • First of all I just wanna say you are too young to need that kind of thing. Unless you're are working full-time and studying for a PHd, you really don't have a lot of excuses here bro. Now I admit it is a tool like any other in life and can be handy. I just think you should employ other avenues. Having said that I used match. com seven years ago and I got one date inside of a week maybe two. She was a single-mom, pretty, and very nice and worldly. Talked via phone and e-mail, it fizzled out, I wasn't ready to date a parent then. And she wasn't putting out the sex vibe.

    Most dating websites are relationship oriented. Maybe you already knew that, I don't know. If that's what you're looking for, go for it. If you just want to keep your sex-life healthy I'd say you are wasting valuable time, energy, and money that could be put to better use.

    You'll need some other guys to chime in on this one though as my experience is limited to say the least.

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