How long do I wait before I say something, or do I even say something at all?

So I re-met this guy that I met last year at a bar last Thurs. I didn't recognize him at first but he recognized me and approached me. After talking for awhile I recognized him and he mentioned that he thought I was cute last year but thought I was dating his friend (I met him one time when I was hanging out with his friend) and I told him I wasn't. He gave me his number and I texted him the next morning to make sure he got home safe. He responded within an hour and said it was good to see me again and I said likewise. No response.
The next night he texted me saying he got off work and asked if I was doing anything (he is a cop so he has late shifts) and I said I was out and was going to go home soon but that we should do a raincheck, and he agreed. I then texted him the next day in the afternoon (Sunday) and we texted the whole day until I said goodnight to him that night, and he responded with goodnight. I haven't heard from him since, so about 3 days.
His friend who is also my friend texted me the day after I re-met him and said that he had texted him and mentioned to him that he ran into me. I haven't spoken to this friend of mine in over a year, so for him to text me and tell me that this guy told him he ran into me was a good sign in my opinion.

My friends are telling me to wait for him to text me but I hate the playing games thing. The only reason I don't want to text him first is because a) I don't want to seem clingy, and b) it's almost the weekend and I'm not sure if he is waiting for the weekend to text me.

He is also 28, and I am 23. And I'm not looking for a fling.



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