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So I've been talking to this girl my friend introduced me to for abut 6 months now. When we aren't hanging out, we text a lot and Skype a lot. I like her a lot but I never knew how to go about telling her. Since I'm bad with girls, I could never tell if she was into me or not. So I found out from her bestfriend that she actually likes me. I know that girls like when guys take initiative and start convos. But I'm lost, most of the time she starts the convos.. which is pathetic I know. I always feel like she's doing something or has something better to do when I decide to message her. What should I say?


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  • Well she might be doing something when you decide to message her but if she likes you then it won't be a bother. Just do not try to think too much about what to say if you do then you will find nothing appropriate to say.. whatever comes to mind just say it. ask her questions.. wait for her response then ask follow up questions. as time goes on she may talk more and ask questions back. hope this helps

    • Thanks, this helps a lot.

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