Shy people: have any of you been a little scared of getting In a relationship?

I'm currently seeing a really nice guy. We seem quite compatible and we both have a really nice time together.

We both just enjoy talking to each other and being with each other.

He is really outgoing and direct, while I'm shy. And he is pretty experienced with women, as well as being a little older than me. I haven't been with any guy before.

He's really direct about showing his interest in me. On our second date he told me he likes me a lot and how attracted he is to me.

He brought up some things that I thought were way too early for him to say- like talking about cooking me dinner and changing his lifestyle to make me more comfortable. I've also noticed he's kind of paranoid when I talk to other guys- he seems to think all guys like me and find me attractive.

We have a lot in common and he told me that's how he knows he likes me so much already. I'm not open like him though and it takes a lot longer for me to be fully open with someone. I do like him, but I won't like him as much as he likes me for a while.

I told him I want to go a little slower and he said that's okay with him, which I'm happy about. But I'm still a little afraid of getting close to him. I'm not sure why.

Any other shy person like me?


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  • Yes, that's pretty much the definition of shy.
    I am far too shy, so I will never be in a relationship.


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