How u should convince your girl to be yours :PHow should u make her realize that you love her a lot? :D?

How should I start talking to a girl whom I like... N what should I talk to her the first time we talk... What steps should I follow before talking to her in order to convince her that yup I am the one she should be with... N what is better talk to her via some chat n all or talk to her directly... or I think I should ask.. what should I do from the starting till the end to have a girl I like as my gf... please if anyone can guide me it will be gr8... N thank u in advance :P


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  • Talk to her about the circumstances you share. Class, school etc. be very casual yet friendly and attentive. Talk to her in person or phone call first. That always make a good impression.
    Don't say anything beyond that for now or you will sound like a stalker

    • We havnt talked yet... n I want to do a perfect start... she is not in my class.. she is one of my juniors... :(

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    • Ohh do u want me to do practice... that is also a gud idea :P

    • Yes. practice approaching girls till u feel more comfortable

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  • there are no standardized steps to convince a girl to be yours.. tell you what comes from your heart.. no poetry or poems. just be honest with her and do not promise to give her the moon.. lol

    • Ya but usually when I look at her... I jst forget everything... her eyes are damn beautiful... but even this is hard to say infront of her... :(

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    • I will but of I'll not prepare i will be unable to say anything.. thats why at least something so that I can make a proper conversation

    • you won't to impress her? lol... the best you can do is be yourself... dont shoot yourself in the foot

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