Should I ask this girl to be my plus one at my friends wedding?

One of my best friends weddings is thenext Friday the 25th, and this girl that's in his grad class I like and want to ask her to be my plus one. My friend says ask her over fb since I'm out of town till Sunday. I'd like to ask her face to face Monday if I see her at work since we both work on campus but in different areas. I don't know if she knows I'm interested but I occasionally stop by and talk with her and she's always friendly when I stop by so wondering if Monday would be good to ask her to be my plus one or would that be pretty fast asking a girl out on a "first date thing" to a wedding?


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  • It can't hurt to ask right? If she's uninterested or can't make it, just let her know you'd like to hang out with her some other time then. Good luck!

    • That's true never hurts to ask! Good plan though if she can't make it and thanks!

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  • yea u should. u two get marre if u in love.

  • Dude if you like the girl tell her and Yess ask her no harm can come from that and the best thing is you talk to her so if won't be a random question just a question of hey wanna help me out?
    I'm sure she'll say yes


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