How do you know the difference between when your just talking & 'talking'?

So as the title suggests how do you know if your just talking & if your talking as you want more for example dating? How do you know the difference?


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  • I assume that you're asking about how to tell the difference between a conversation between friends and a conversation where one of the speakers wants to be more than friends.

    There isn't exactly a dead giveaway, well besides one of the speakers asking the other one out, or a confession. Do they seek you out? Do they enjoy your company? Do they ever ask things like "What kind of person would you date?" Things like this can be a signal of wanting a relationship, however it can also just be them considering you a close friend. In the end, the only way to tell if someone likes you is to ask them out.

    • Well actually it's more of a friends with benefits guy who's been getting closer. We've been texting loads and joking around with each other. He did suggest sitting down and sorting out something I asked him to help me with.

      He's also been very compliment & nice. Telling me he's pleased for me when I got good news at work. Telling me my cooking skills are impressive. I'm just wondering why the sudden change

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