College student new to dating, can't figure out if my friend is into me?

I met her through a mutual male friend who invited us both to watch Ride Along, so I've been talking to her for about half a year. Since that day, we've been hanging out at almost a weekly basis.
Our texts are split evenly, length-wise and who starts it, and are limited to birthday greetings, holiday greetings, and for planning to meet up.
Publically, she acts very shy around me. She almost ALWAYS wants me to decide everything. However when I'm alone with her, she really likes getting information out of me such as my favorite movie and music genre.
As I stated above, she usually brings a friend when she asks me to do something with her. She's been bringing in a different friend each time we go out, with the exception of the two times she invited her teammates from her high school team. The comments I usually get from them are that I'm "good at everything", I'm a "gentleman" and that I'm "perfect". Her friends never hinted at her liking me, but when we're deciding who sits in each car, I'm always alone with her. I'm also always next to her when we're watching movies. Is there a reason to her bringing a friend? She never brings her friends when I ask her out, but she always brings a female friend when she asks me out.
Us asking each other out brings me to my next question, is she playing hard to get? I'm confused because each time she asks me out, we only do one thing, then she says she needs to go because she's "busy". I don't think that's true if I can persuade her to go do something else after we've finished doing whatever she had planned.
There's very little physical contact, in my opinion. We play basketball a lot, but I don't think that would count. We've hugged sometimes after I drop her off.
She likes when I act goofy. We both have made fun of my bad sense of direction, and I've joked around getting lost somewhere with her, which she replied with "Thats fine with me" in a semi serious tone. It seems she enjoys it when I tease her
Thanks for your input!


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  • well, If a girl likes you, she will show it to you by dropping you hints. after reading this I also feel that she is playing "hard to get" kind of a girl, which is a nice thing. It shows that she is taking time to figure out things and not in a rush to get into a relationship with you. Another reason could be, she is treating you like an option, so be sure about she having no OTHER crush or someone whom she hangs around just like she does with you!
    hope this helps :)


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  • You're in the friendzone.

  • She's into you, it certainly sounds like. But you're not exactly trying to make her your girlfriend, so she might be confused about how you feel towards her.

    Be a man. Make an unmistakeable move.