Guys: how and when you test a girl?

Do you test a girl when u just started talking to her? And how exactly do you guys like to test? What are some hints?


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  • I test them by their responses to the conversations we are having, same as them.

    • like give me an example...

      what would you talk about to know how she is? and what would u infer with her response?

      i recently started talking to a guy and he started talking dirty after 5 days and the night after we talked dirty he stopped texting me.. he is straight up ignoring me not even replying to my msgs i sent next day.. its been 5+ days he hasn't got back! do you think he was testing me?

    • yes and no, yes because he wanted to see how far you would allow him to take it for his egos sake, and no because most kids that come off that way really have no idea what they are doing. basically little boys trying to be men.

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  • I'm not sure what you mean by "test" her? Could you elaborate? Is some guy ignoring you? Is he asking questions that are making you uncomfortable?

    • Yeah I started talking to a guy recently we started texting back and forth for 5 days then before he started ignoring my texts we talked dirty and since then he hasn't msgd me.. I tried to message him 2 days in a row he is reading them on whatsapp but not replying at all.. it's been 5 days since we've talked to each other

    • Well where did you meet. What kinds of things did you talk about the first few days before you started talking dirty? Who initiated the dirty talk. These are all factors. But I've you've texted him two days in a row, it has now been five days since he responded, I hate to say it but maybe he's not interested. On this Whatsapp you can see if the message has been read? I dont think I would do that to a girl that I liked or had just met. I may do that to an ex..

    • Well we added each other on fb but we have mutual friends so he's not some creep.. We did talk about some fam stuff and interests and stuff but timely order he would always bring up about some situation where he can make out with me.. Or take me out to some place and if I can allow him to do stuff with me.. Then finally the day we talked dirty he sent me his pic in boxers where u can see him being hard so yeah that's how it started and he's ignoring me since that day.. Do you know why?

  • why test someone? life isn't a game...

  • In my limited experience of 40 something years on Earth, I've never known guys to test girls.
    On the other hand, every girl I know tests their guy.

    I suspect this might be one of those areas, where you assume guys do it, because all girls do it.

    • No I was talking to this one guy through texts he was so into me for like 5 days then he is just plainly ignoring my texts he comes online reads them everything never replies.. So I was wondering if he is testing me?

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    • Sounds like he decided after 5 days that you weren't giving any signs that you'd welcome his advance.

    • No the way we were talking was playful and dirty and some good stuff it was perfect he stopped suddenly all together

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