Guys: how do we know that you're playing hard to get? Or just playing games? How do we know if a guy is mind fucking with you?

Like while talking to a guy you haven't met yet how do we know that you're playing hard to get? Or maybe just playing games? When do we know guy is really serious and when do we know he's just looking for fun? I was talking to a guy we decided to meet soon but then after 5-6 days of continous talking he stopped messaging I even msgd him couple times I did not hear back from him he keeps coming online changing his pic and stuff but no reply.. He is straight up ignoring me.. Why is he doing that?


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  • Most men don't play games. We tend to be straightforward, while women tend to overthink things, and play games.

    If a guy is serious, he will contact you as often as he can, and he won't be to nonchalant about. A nonchalant attitude is a good way of showing that you are not interested in somebody!

    • We were talking back and forth and he showed he was so much into me then I also hinted that I like him back and it was perfect we texted back and forth for 5 days and called each other but after that he stopped I sent him two messages he read them but never replied back.. He's coming on whatsapp but ignoring me so I was wondering if he was playing games? What's going on?

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  • Guys don't play mind games, so...

    • Well I have been texting a guy and now he went silent on me.. We never argued or anything it was going back n forth convo all of sudden he stopped talking.. So just wanna know if he's playing mind games

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    • I texted him twice two days in a row he read and kept ignoring so I stopped it's been about 5 days now he comes online on whatsapp but never replies..

    • Then he doesn't want to talk to you.

  • You don't know.

    If there was a way to know, your mother or your girlfriends would have told you by now. And girls would never be hurt by players ever again.

    You can't know.


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