Should I ask her out on date or as friends?

I have a female friend I've know for several months on a casual basis. She started a new job and hadn't seen her in a few weeks so I said hi and asked her if she was coming to a group event later that week.

In just a few minutes she messaged me back wth her cell number, told me to text her anytime, said we don't need to wait for group events to hang out, and said she was busy this week but asked if she would see me at a group event next week.

I asked her out to a different event and she was excited to go but wasn't sure if she could make it. It's been a week and I wanted to follow up to see if she is able to attend but a male friend of mine said I shouldn't say it's a date and to just keep being friends and to take things "slow".

I'm no expert, but am I wrong to think she has some romantic interest and wants a chance for us to spend time together and get to know each other? We were alreadly friends and she didn't have a reason to change the relationship if she didn't have interest in possibly becoming more than friends, did she? Is there a good reason I shouldn't state that I'm asking her on a date?

Appreciate any comments or opinions!


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  • I always Say the best relationships always start out as: Friends. This way, it gives two people a chance to nurture and nurse their time alone together, get to know one another in another light, and find out if there is More chemistry and magic than meets the eye.
    Go ahead and text her and find out when she is available to meet up and Go out. You don't have to 'say it's a date,' there is no reason to have to Say or State anything. And don't over think anything. Just let things flow easy and yes----Slow. Yes, she may have 'some romantic interest,' but may want to see as well where it might take the both of you.
    See where it might lead you, being you have known her 'Several months.' One never knows if This could end up 'changing the relationship' to a-----Forever fairytale.
    Good luck. xx


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  • it's really better NOT to make the assumption that she is already ur date, cuz at this point u r still just friends, wherever it might go.
    Sounds like she really likes to be ur friend at least and get to know u, which is a good sign. But if u push it too fast she might back off, even if she's interested.


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