What things can I say to a guy to get him interested in me or take interest in me if we personally don't know each other?

So this guy is really attractive I guess and I don't really know what to say to start up a conversation with him? Like I don't personally know him but i want to get to know him and stuff but yeah. What are some things to say or like talk about if I was to message him. My first ever message to him hahaaha


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  • Start out with Hi. You're cute and a ;-)

    That will get you a good intro to almost any guy.


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  • Just message him saying hi and then maybe talk about something that you and him are involved in e. g. sport, class (or however you met him) and just go on from thereā€¦if that's not possible just ask him how his day was and how school/work was and just talk about that for a bit and gradually move on to other subjects like his and your interests etc. You don't want to get too personal at first just talk however you would to a friend. You don't need to impress him, just be yourself and it should all come naturally as the conversation goes on. I hope this helps :)

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