As a guy would you be weirded out by what I said?

I used to hang out with this guy back in college which was 4 years ago. We hooked up but he didn't want a relationship, I did so we both called it quits. Back in February we started talking/hanging out again. We are now dating. We talk daily, met each other's families and have really in depth talks about life etc. Everything is going well.

The other day him and I were driving through town and we got talking about this house that was for sale in a particular neighborhood. He said that he really liked the area and then I agreed. I said well we will have to look into that someday. He caught me saying WE and goes woah with a smile on his face he goes you just slow down a bit in a joking way. I felt silly afterwards. It was one of those things that just slipped out. As a guy what would you think? Would this be too much too soon?

I'm freaking out :(

Everything has been great since then and it hasn't been mentioned anymore.


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  • If nothing has changed after you said it, I wouldn't worry about it.

    • No nothing has if anything it seems to be even better with us than before. We keep getting more and more serious. I just didn't want that to push him away or anything. I obviously haven't mentioned the topic since then.

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    • Ok that makes me feel better. It's not like I went out of my way to talk about a wedding or something I just accidently said "WE" about a house. I laughed it off after and told him he couldn't be lucky to live with me some day etc. We laughed about it after he said the woah thing slow down.

    • I think you're fine.

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  • Oh yes you should be freaking out. Guys pick up on those little things and he wouldn't be blowing it out of proportion in your case either. You're what would be considered a stage 3 or 4 clinger.

    • How does saying a statement like that make me a clinger? We have had other talks that he has initiated about starting a family/kids etc. Therefore what I said seemed pretty minor.

    • Agreed. If you've already met family and have known each other for 4 years before that, and have discussed other deeply intimate topics then I would say it was ok. It seems as though you two get along just fine... dat feel doe.

  • That would send alarm bells ringing in my head that my the girl I was seeing was laying down such strong markers this early into our 'relationship'.

    • The only reason I think I said it without really thinking was because I've known him over 5 years, been distant friends, we had the past history together and he has had serious future talks with me already. He said at one point that he would not be dating me if he didn't see himself marrying me.

    • Well that's fair enough and he shouldn't have any issues with it.

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