I feel I am leading someone on?

I have had a huge crush on this guy forever. I knew I didn't have much of a chance with him considering he lives approx 4200 Miles away, and he doesn't do long distance. Then, this other guy who's a good friend of mine asked me out the other day. Both are 3 years older than me (oopsie) by the way. Anyway, I told the guy that asked me out about how I just broke up with my previous boy friend because I liked another guy, but I was still getting over the break up (which I was I wasn't lying) and I didn't want to go straight into another relationship 2 days after I broke up with someone. He automatically assumes it was him I liked and he's been strongly flirting with me ever since. My now ex boy friend lives near me. The guy I like lives approx 4200 miles away, and the guy that asked me out lives approx 3000 miles away. I feel like I'm leading the guy that asked me out on because I'm letting him flirt with me and think that I like him back when I don't. I'm clueless and I don't want to ruin our good friendship and I'm afraid I'll get called a "slut" or "whore" or etc. for liking someone else other than him. I hope this made sense and if it didn't I'll clarify. xoxo


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  • Wow that was a mouthful. My advice to you is this dear, Be honest and upfront with the guy who asked you out. If you're crushing on another man then let him know that. Trust me no man wants to be lead on and it will be better in the long run that you were up front and honest with him about how you felt about him from the beginning than letting flirt with you and and making a fool of himself over time. If her as good of friend like you say he is he will understand and thank you for being up front and honest with him.

    • Okay thank you!!! I'm most definitely NOT trying to lead him on and I'll try to clarify and be upfront with him asap (: I've been lead on as well and I know it is notttt a great feeling. Thank you!!

  • You're in too deep. You can't lead him on forever. Confess, ask for forgiveness, and if you can be friends. When he finds out be understanding that his feelings are hurt. I wish people didn't led others on. Its really uncool.

    • Thank you! I agree. I've been lead on before and it definitely is not fun. I'm most definitely not TRYING to lead him out and I'll try to get everything straight and clarified (: thanks again!!

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