A senior guy and freshman girl?

Ok, so there's this guy in the marching band with me, I'm a freshman and he's a senior and my GOD he's cute. Anyway it was kinda like friendship at first sight you couldn't pull us apart if you tried. Then everyone started making of him and they said he liked me. I don't know if this is true but even the band director announced it to the upperclassmen. He wasn't acting weird around me so I'm guessing he either didn't know I knew or he doesn't actually like me or he didn't want to make a big deal of it. At first I was kinda like oh my god thats... uh I'm not into him like that but as the summer has progressed I've thought about it more and more and have accidentally developed a huge crush on him. Like it keeps me awake at night knowing that i have to wait 10 more days before I see him. That sounds kinda creepy and clingy even to me and normally I don't recognise when I'm being weird.
So what I'm trying to say is, I don't know if he likes me but if he does would it be weird if he asked me out? Ya know a senior dating a freshman? Am I stressing over nothing? I'm pretty sure he likes me like 80% because everyone says so. Am I being childish? I need someone to tell me what to do when Band Camp comes back around because I'm terrible at making decisions on my own.


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  • From my personal experience, and the experience of others I know and have talked to, its probably NOT gonna work. HE is graduating and getting ready for college, but your are just BEGINNING your high school experience! Your heads will be in two completely different worlds. Plus, as a Senior, he probably has a lot of experience with the ladies, and he may not genuinely like you for you.

    Stick with people around your age and grade. The farther apart in grade two high school kids dating are, the harder it is for them to relate to each other!

    • Oh I can assure you that this boy has had not much experience with girls. I think he's cute but I tend to... lets say have a different taste in guys than normal people. My friend told me he looks sort of like Alfred E Neuman xp

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    • We've gotten along VERY well as friends in the short time we've know each other so I don't know but you really highlighted one of my main concerns when you said he would be thinking about college. he's really smart in all the AP classes so thats what I'm afraid of is the leaving for college and if our relationship survived that long what would happen. Am I overthinking things? I really tend to do that.

    • No, that is a very legitimate concern, and it can easily grow to be a problem for you two. While he's struggling with his college work, you'll be doing what he will feel is a piece of cake compared to his own work!

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  • It is possible for a senior to date a freshman.

    I did it.

    Did it workout? Nope. Do I have any regrets? Nope.


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