Do I need help or do I have a logical reason to not like this chick?

I've been in this relationship for almost 2 years. Me and my boyfriend have hit a rough spot in our relationship. We lived together for 18 months and he asked me to move back home. The question was semi appropriate for our situation I was going back to school and we had been bickering more than normal. However shortly after I moved home I found out he has been "innocently chatting" with a girl he's known since elementary school. I say it that way because they both swear up and down they're just friends but she sent him some risqué pictures (he says he didn't ask for them but told her she was "looking good" anyways with a "(;" cute wink). He says he just wanted someone to talk to because I'm not always easy to talk to (true) and she says she has "a guy she likes" but he has been to her parents house for dinner went to the bar and bowling (with friends) and went to lunch with her. It's driving me crazy I can't stop hunting her on Facebook! Does anyone else think I'm crazy and over reacting or should I be worried?


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  • Personally, I'd say at lpresent you shouldn't be worried, it's totally normal for guys in relationships to still have close platonic friendships with females. Also, take care not to appear to be trying to control him, I know you're not but he may not see it that way. Really, I'd say if it gets any 'worse', have a word with him, but for now have some faith in him and try to avoid further conflict. I hope this helps!

    • Thank you. I appreciate it. I've always been trusting of him and I never imagined he would take actions toward this girl but she looks a lot like me and the pictures she sent him sent me over the edge. I never felt the need to keep and eye on him but after seeing the things he said to her I want to snoop and I always want to know who he's with and it makes me feel terrible about our relationship. I feel like I want to trust him but I don't..

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