Is this a situation worth my time?

A girl I talked to a year ago and I started talking again. She said she just wants to be friends. I said that I might not be able to do that with her considering I developed a feeling or 2 for her back then. Nothing serious, I just don't want to be friends with someone I really like. I told her this, and she raised a fuss and stated that good relationships come from friendships. I'm skeptical of why she wants to still be friends with me, after I amicably tried to end it on the basis that I just don't want those feelings unreturned. But... She wants to keep me around. She said she doesn't want to have sex or date anyone for a while. And I'm fine with that, considering that I really don't have to deal with this if I don't want too... Basically, why do you think she wants to keep me around?

I mean, that's what it feels like. And now that you mention it, she does seem like the type to do that.


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  • She's hoping that you'll be the guy to put yourself in the friend zone. That you'll do all the boyfriend things she wants but knows that she'll never date you. She's trying to give false hope by making a fuss and saying that the best relationships turn into friendships. I just would stop returning her texts and calls.


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  • She wants to keep you because she thinks she can turn your no into a yes, it's a sort of arrogance (she's manipulating you, clearly). How do I know? I had a coworker who just wouldn't let me go, she kept bothering me, she kept bullshitting me exactly like you described it, I ended up worsening it by sleeping with her and she started harassing me to the point of quitting work.

    The solution was there all along, delete her fb, delete her number and don't respond, don't even acknowledge her.