My Boyfriend hasn't texted me back?

How long is two long for your Boyfriend not to text you back?

My boyfriend made a joke and I took it seriously and now he isn't texting back ( I've texted 4 times but it's only been 2 days though) and I'm worried I made him think I'm paranoid or something... Advice?


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  • It's only been a couple days, I wouldn't worry about too much. If you feel you have to keep texting him, though, limit it to no more than one a day until he replies. Better still would be no more than a couple times a week, tops.

    If a week goes by, and you've heard absolutely nothing, then maybe start to worry. But two days? Lots of reasonable explanations as to why you've heard nothing in two days.


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  • He probably thought you were mad at him. But guys being guys, they will try to make you feel even worse. Don't worry about it, he will text you back he's just trying to piss you off right now. Don't keep texting him because you could come off as needy or obsessive. Wait till he texts you back!