Should I stay with the same guy?

im in a relationship thats kinda long distance and i love him very much but we've only been on one date and every time we plan he always has an excuse not to be able to and this has happened 5 times already. im also in love with this other guy and i see and hang with him all the time. both are ex's and both have said theyll wait for me. help?

i dont how i should break up with him and how should i tell the other guy


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  • I'd let the long distance guy go, if I were you. You are interested in someone locally, and the guy who lives far away keeps having reasons to cancel on you when you plan to meet up.

    Then again, I'd say you should let that guy even if you didn't have love interests locally. Long distance relationships are already incredibly difficult. It's only worse when you two can't even match up on physically together as well.


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  • You're not Attila the Hun so let the LDR go. There is no reason to be with someone that keeps flaking. Too many people waste their time with people that don't truly want them.

    • how should i tell them?

    • Well the man you want is easy. If he said he'll wait for you then tell him you love him and are free to be with him if that's what he wants. The other dude is as easy as you want to make it. Let him know he isn't fulfilling you and tell him you're ending it or just stop all communication. Personally i think it's better if you explain rather than going straight NC. You might be shy though.

    • thank you thats very helpful. :)

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