This girl has a bf but got really uncomfortable when I tried to meet her single friend?

so what exactly is going on here? I recently meet this girl at a local bar and she also works at a busy restaurant as a server. but she has a bf I found out so I was thinking she was just a friend for now.

but things got weird at bar the other night when I saw her and this other girl who works at restaurant with her. I had wanted to meet this other girl but not had chance yet so when I saw them both together I talked to them and introduced myself to the other girl who is single. but girl with bf got really uncomfortable all of a sudden so I pulled back and didn't go after other girl. I though she seemed kinda of jealous

and I found them both on Facebook , the one girl for sure does have a bf and other girl is listed as single so I'm a little confused at the moment? did she just not want me to date her friend? does she like me more than she's letting on? did she think I was just using her to get closer to the single friend?


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  • Maybe she was just being productive of her friend?
    Try talking to the girl with the boyfriend if her friend is single. Tell her you are interested in getting to know her single friend better and see how she reacts. You can tell a lot about what the other person is feeling based on their reactions to such questions.

    • I don't know it was all weird , maybe she was just surprised as I hadn't mentioned anything about other girls she works with , she works with a lot of good looking girls at that restaurant and maybe she wasn't aware I was interested in meeting some of them as well not just her , maybe that's why she got jealous

    • Yea, that could be. Maybe she didn't think you would be interested in any of them

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