About to meet a guy for the first time and I really want to make a good impression, advice?

So I matched up with this guy on Tinder months ago and we got talking but every time he asked me to hangout I kind of blew him off. 1. I wasn't over another guy and 2. He kept wanting to meet me at bars and while he's older, I'm not 21 yet. After a while he realized I wasn't interested and stopped texting me... Every once and a while I'd get a Snapchat but then a couple weeks ago I got a Snapchat of him and thought I recognized where he was so I texted him. We've been texting ever since but we still haven't met. Obviously I seriously regret being rude to him but now we've been having a great conversation and I'm going to see his band play. I was wondering if jeans/black wedges/and a scoop neck tank top sounded like an okay outfit? And what's a good way to make a good first impression... Should I approach him or let him come to me? I don't want to be annoying and bother him when he's about to play.


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  • Okay let's start with the wardrobe. Everything sounds fine, but if it's warm enough I'd go with a skirt or a dress. If that's showing more skin than you're comfortable with the jeans will be fine.

    You don't need to apologize for anything. He asked before, you didn't want to. Message received on his end, end of story. He is excited by the fact that his pursuit is paying off, trust me.

    No offense to Tokana, but as an aspiring musician myself, I would love to have someone come watch and listen to me play. And I have friends who are real musicians and that is one of the perks of being a musician. Girls love it.

    Let him come to you. That's just dating 101 girl, c'mon.

    Good first impression: a little nervous is always good (unless you don't get nervous that's fine too), smile, smile, smile. No talky about exes or other men of any kind. Stay away from politics and religion too. Be playful, this is a must and if he's cool at all it will be more than welcome.

    Good luck and most of all have fun.


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  • You know what? You shouldn't be asking this cause we ourselves are perfect and if you really need an advice then here i go..

    You are best when you are YOU! Don't go to him with a different person what you aren't and go with confidence in yourself cause thats the thing which is most impressive

  • No one else answered.. OMG. Jeans/black wedges. and a scoop neck tank top sounds good. In regards to your second question about first impressions, I would say be genuine in your approach, smile, shake his hand and tell him how its lovely to have finally met him. You can also apologize for being rude to him, I'm sure he'll appreciate that. The approach should be mutual, and natural. smile, shake hands, and maybe kiss on cheek. :P I'm sure you won't be annoying. He'll appreciate the fact that you sat down and watched his band play. I'm sure that bands are nothing without their audience. Personally, I find it strange to invite a woman to watch me play an instrument with fellow band members. I would think that she feels as though she is simply an after thought. Hopefully that doesn't last long and he'll devote more time to you after you've listened to his band play.


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