Should I keep putting effort in the relationship or end it? Help I have to make a descion on the weekend?

So i have a thing with this guy named nick and nick jot jealous of ron cause i was spendin a lot of tome with ron. now nick and i r trying 2 get back togheter. which means seeing eachother on certain days to spend time together and i was there and i waited 4 him and he wasn't there. but he went somewhere with his dad so he couldnt spend time with me. i really needed him 2 be there so we could get back together again and he wasn't there what should i do?

  • Break up with him
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  • wasn't his fault, he couldnt be there. forgive him & get back with him
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about having certain days. we can only see eachother on certain days because we only see eachother on church days. thats the only time we can seeeachother


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  • A relationship shouldn't seem as though its a chore. You two should be enjoying the time you spend with each other. Having to make specific days as to when you two have to meet is just sad. Move on.


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