Guys: Do Girls text too much and to often?

This is more for the guys around 13 but anyone is welcome to answer...

1. Do you get annoyed or lose interest when a girl texts you too much or too often?
2. How much is too much?
3. Does it matter if she is your girlfriend or just a crush?

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But really... Can someone tell me how much is too much?


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  • Lol I don't. In fact I'm more flattered when a girl txts me more. I guess every single second would be too much. And yes, it matters way more if its my crush. :P

    • Ok, I was just wondering because sometimes I feel I text me boyfriend too much... I'm also usually always the first person too start the convo...

    • really? wow interesting... it's usually the guy who has to start the convo..

    • Yeah, No it's most likely me... :( I wish he would start the convo more but I like talking to him so just end up texting him first...

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