Like stop the lies i'm not stupid tell me what that mean is he cheating or not?

ok so i was talking to my bf and he said he was getting tired and stuff and it was taking him longer and longer to reply back to me and then when he finally answerd me back he said hey how you doing then i guess he took a look at who he sent it too then said sorry i'm tired want to talk tomorrow? i was pissed because i didn't want to have that though in my head that he's cheating or etc. so i said i can tell your tired so i said the gnight and etc. and then that was it like when he sent me that text i was like wtf who are you talking to then i took a pause then i replyed and that was it


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  • Don't jump to conclusions he may not be cheating, but also don't fully trust him either. Since obviously he didn't want to text you anymore for some reason, and decided to text some other unknown person that's a messed up thing to do to your girlfriend and from the guys that I know half the time when this situation happens they do start the cheating process by talking to another girl, but it doesn't meant they go past the talking part. So don't assume he is cheating, but be careful and keep your guard up cause he may be. Hope this helps you some what.


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  • he may not be cheating on you but then again he mite be well... im a straightforward person the next time something like this happens ask him whats up or just randomly cal and then say whoops sorry that was an accident id try little different things like little "tests"hope this helps good luck :)

    • ok i'll do that next time

  • yeah maybe