Would it be a good idea to wear this to look cute for my crush?

Would wearing a rabbit ear scrunchie look cute to make my crush notice me more?


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  • Well if your crush is a bunny rabbit... he'll love it...

    • lol that was funny ^_^

    • Well I adore bunny rabbits, so I would love it (not in a weird sort of way though... lol) In fact I adore all animals, so I would be just as happy if you wore makeshift shark fin... :)

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  • I think it depends :) If he's the kind of guy who would like you to look ''cute and innocent'' then that seems like it would work :D But if he wants a girlfriend who looks sexy, then he might find the bunny ear idea a slight turn off... unless the scrunchie is more of a sexy one than a bright pink kind of young-child sort of one :)
    But at the end of the day if you like it, wear it! :) Its worth a try :D

    • Yay!! Thanks! We're both pretty immature like until we were 14 he would sometimes come from behind and pull my ponytail and I would still go paste "kick me" on his back. Well, we suddenly stopped though...

  • a what? I dont know what that is.

    • actually i just looked it up and no. i can say with 99% certainty your crush will not notice a scrunchie. Boys dont notice accesories really, unless your crush is a girl then you might have better luck. Even then its such a tiny detail.

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    • Thanks!! I don't really wear pants often so I have many dresses ^_^ You're really helpful!! arigatou!!

    • no problem! also red is a good color to get attention. there's some kind of scientific study that says wearing red gets you more attention or something like that. I read it a while ago so i can't rememeber the specifics. But yeah wear red. lol

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