So I tried to date a girl, massive confusion followed?

Hi Guys and Girls.

Well... I tried to pursue this girl, I met her via another friend. We had a good rapport (I felt) texting each other pretty much every other day. A lot of flirtatious texting. This continued for a while, however after some time she starts ignoring. Like days on end no reply nothing.

I decide rather than looking desperate and sending her loads of texts when she's not replying Ill wait it out, so I refrain from texting for a couple of days. When she finally replies she says the following " Haha Im so sorry but I have to tell you if I dont respond its usually because I dont like using my phone :-)".

After that I replied again say ok whatever no issues and left it at that. A few days pass no contact. I ask her if she would like to grab dinner or coffee sometime and no reply.

She is kind of active on Facebook so I was like ok Ill just drop a decent civilised invitation over there, which I did. "Hey are you free for coffee or dinner this week maybe? x"

Stil no reply. Silence for like more than a week, which is strange since she is actively on facebook. Fed up I just replied saying "Hey man, really sorry if my texting bothered you or seemed excessive. didn't realise it was giving off a bad impression. Ill stop now, take care"

I would REALLY like to know whether I did something wrong or I just got unlucky in this case.

Appreciate the help guys. Cheers x
So I tried to date a girl, massive confusion followed?
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