So I tried to date a girl, massive confusion followed?

Hi Guys and Girls.

Well... I tried to pursue this girl, I met her via another friend. We had a good rapport (I felt) texting each other pretty much every other day. A lot of flirtatious texting. This continued for a while, however after some time she starts ignoring. Like days on end no reply nothing.

I decide rather than looking desperate and sending her loads of texts when she's not replying Ill wait it out, so I refrain from texting for a couple of days. When she finally replies she says the following " Haha Im so sorry but I have to tell you if I dont respond its usually because I dont like using my phone :-)".

After that I replied again say ok whatever no issues and left it at that. A few days pass no contact. I ask her if she would like to grab dinner or coffee sometime and no reply.

She is kind of active on Facebook so I was like ok Ill just drop a decent civilised invitation over there, which I did. "Hey are you free for coffee or dinner this week maybe? x"

Stil no reply. Silence for like more than a week, which is strange since she is actively on facebook. Fed up I just replied saying "Hey man, really sorry if my texting bothered you or seemed excessive. didn't realise it was giving off a bad impression. Ill stop now, take care"

I would REALLY like to know whether I did something wrong or I just got unlucky in this case.

Appreciate the help guys. Cheers x


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  • I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I've been in the same boat recently and it's really annoying/disappointing. However, I would be lying if I said I've never done it to a guy. When I'm not interested in someone I really don't respond with much. The younger me used to be like, "yeah maybe... I'm busy this weekend but maybe next... I'll let you know as soon as I'm free" even if I had no intention of ever seeing them, simply because I didn't know how to let a guy know I wasn't interested. As I've gotten older I've learned how shitty that is to do to someone and I've become much more mature and upfront.

    But in your case, I'd say to just leave her alone for a while. If she wakes up realizes how good of a guy you are, she'll reach out. And if she doesn't, you can move on and find someone better who actually wants to spend time with you. Good luck!

    • Thanks. See whats funny is 3 days have passed and still no reply. Yet she's been instagramming photos on Facebook via her phone like crazy. Awkward

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    • Shame she's not you. Id ask you out to dinner lol

    • aww thanks :) haha. Wish the stupid d-bags in my life were as genuine as you too!

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  • I would take it as she's not interested. If she wanted to get to know you more she would have put more effort into talking to you. I would cut contact with her. If she replies with a im sorry ya lets grab dinner, then I would call her and set up a time. Dont bother with her anymore unless she replys with a im sorry and a yes.