Is he being too touchy or is this normal? (Inexperienced girl)?

I've been on a few dates with this guy and they're definitely going well. We like spending time with each other and just talking.

He's had a few relationships and I haven't had one, or even kissed a guy before. He's the first guy I've dated also.

On our last date I felt he was getting more physical with me than before. Just things like holding my hand, interlacing our fingers, and putting his arm around me a lot. He also ran his fingers through my hair. He would also speak closely and softly in my ear.

I just don't know what to expect really. Is this normal on the third or fourth date or so?

I do think I liked it but it just felt a little new because no guy has touched me like that before. Am I normal for a girl that hasn't dated before?


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  • Yeah everything sounds fine to me


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  • Whatever is "normal" is what you deem acceptable. If it's something you don't mind or even like, go with it.

    However, you SHOULD talk to him about it and let him know that this is all rather new for you. Mutual understanding is one of the keys to a solid relationship.

    • He knows that it is all new to me. He kind of just tries things out and sees how I react to it. If I tell him I don't like something he won't do it.

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  • That's pretty romantic~! That's what you call flirting in style. appassionato! He really likes you! And he's confident of himself so he's trying his best for you!