Should I ask out my former trainee?

I just met this girl, very pretty, really nice, and geeky just like me. We've had some good conversations, I've learned a bit about her. I would like to ask her out, however, I was her trainer at work and I've got 7-8 years on her, she's 21 I'm 28. I am afraid she might see me as that creepy trainer guy who hits on his trainees. I just don't know if I should.


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  • Does she have a bf? Does she like you back?

    It might look unprofessional. She seems really young? Would she be interested in a guy , somewhat considerably older than her?

    • Well when talking to her about her life, I've tried circling the bf thing, and she has not mentioned one. Other than asking her directly, which I may end up doing. I am worried about the professional aspect of it

    • Well its a shade of grey, if she has mutual feelings for u too. If she is a recently new employee... I would advise against it. :-/

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