Guys, if you have just started dating a girl would you want her to instantly meet your friends?

Like if you decide to meet up for the first time would you like your friends to come along to meet her and hang out, to see what they think of her? or even before you ask her her out do you ask for their opinions first before you ask her?


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  • Not really, I would honestly like it to just be us. I have never been a guy who likes much attention other than the people i love or care about. For example, my girlfriend wanted me to meet everyone! But I could have done without that, i just wanted to spend time with her, to let me find out who she is by myself. Besides, u won't be the same person with your friends. I gurantee you... so he will see a different side... idk... as a guy, i would say... no.. not really. I just want us.


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