Should I start a conversation on Facebook chat?

I met this friend of a friend of mine at a party. I get the feeling that he likes me, because of how he acts around me. After we met we became friends on facebook, and he also sent me a pm for my birthday the other week and liked some of my pictures.. But should I start talking to him on Facebook chat? And what should I say to him :)? We only talked to each other on parties where my other friend was there as well..

I do know him and most of his friends and we had some really nice conversations in real life already on several occasions.. I am also talking about the Facebook private messaging function, not the public messages that can be seen by everyone.


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  • HELL NO. Start on the phone go slow avoid public forem' one on one ' don't trust him yet you don't know what he is capable of be careful also you sound very young and sincere let some of your real friends know whats going on if you have any or a older cousin'you know some one that is young enough to understand but old enough to have your back just incase. Trust me !!!

    • I am 24 and I know his friends quite well and have met him a couple of times and also talked quite a lot with him in real life already. Just always at parties/get togethers I attended together with our mutual friend.

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  • You should defenitly start a conversation! :)
    The good signs are all there, so just do it. Be casual, talk about something that you know he's interested on. Music, movies, some sport that he practices... Or say something about the parties and when is going to be the next one.
    Good luck!

    • And sorry for my bad grammar xD

    • Thanks :) Yeah.. I am afraid I would look silly if I said something to him on facebook.. but thats probably just my insecurity

    • Trust me, I know how it feels like... but we have to be fierce and go for what we want.
      If something goes bad, we can say that we did our best and we were not afraid. ;)

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