Nervous about asking her to hangout?

I've been dating my girlfriend for two months now, but lately I've been kind of avoiding asking her to hang out. It seems like I would be annoying her by doing so, but the other day she told me that I've never bothered her. Am I just over thinking it? We haven't hung out in two weeks, and she said that she misses hanging out with me a little. Does she really want to hang out with me?


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  • If she says she misses hanging out with you then you say "ok, lets go, lets hangout on sunday"

    • Is it okay if I ask her to hangout today? You know, without planning?

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    • Okay, what do I do if she says no?

    • Think about what you would like to do with her where you want to go.

      If she says no ask when she is free. Maybe she will say: "Tuesday evening". Then ask her where she wants to go and hat she ants to do, see if its similar to what you already though of. Then arrange a date and time. Then I day before or the morning of reconfirm if everything is ok for the meeting.

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  • You need to be spending more time with her especially during the first few months into your relationship. She probably doesn't want to be the one doing the asking so that she doesn't seem needy and probably wants you to ask, you don't need to be nervous at all, she is already your girlfriend.
    Maybe start asking her if she's free a few days after school or on the weekend and wants to hang out. I'm sure she wouldn't think twice about it especially since she admitted that she misses hanging out with you and she would mean that because a girl wouldn't just say that if she didn't mean it.
    You need to make sure she knows you want to be with her so that she doesn't start thinking otherwise.

    • Okay, thanks! Oh, and is it weird to ask to hangout on that day? Like without planning?

    • It might be easier to plan ahead particularly on the weekends so she has time but i don't see anything wrong with asking to hang out on a day during the week. I think it's more casual as well.
      For example just say to her 'hey do you want to hang out today after school?'

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  • if your dating her, surely you should want to hang out with her and not nervous about it... and if she said she wants to then she does

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