Whats drives you to like a girl?

I act like a total dude at times and my girlfriends always say eww you act like a boy. But they always come at me saying how do I get boys to like me. I can be girly as well and do the whole dressing up but I also love me some ribs, sports, and hitting the gym.
What do you look for in a girl?
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  • I don't know what drives me a girl. I like when they're soft spoken, elegant, somewhat independent, shy sometimes and effervescent in others. I like when they're using their intellect and when they're just always making themselves look better without makeup or lipstick but just a healthy lifestyle.


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  • It has nothing to do with liking things boys do. It has everything to do with the other girls waiting around for guys to talk to them while because of what you like to do you're just always there.

    How do you get boys to like you? Be pretty and don't be a bitch. No more complicated than that

    • Its not just that, i can be pretty and not a bitch but still not have all guys like me. Its all in a personality.. I was asking more based on what personality traits are deal breakers for you

    • Oh you mean deal breakers? I don't like excessive swearing, or the inability/refusal to be girly

  • I don't really like tomboys. I usually end up friend-zoning them really fast haha
    I like girls for being girly and different to how us boys act really :/ I don't class a girl as a tomboy because she likes sports and keeping fit etc. I class that as just a bonus to their looks and physique making them look more attractive (Well as long as they aren't too toned in muscle. 'Jessica Ennis' has a nice sports body) :)

  • I like a girl that is a good mixture of the two. I''m attracted to girls that are girly but also love sports as well as exercise.


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