Need Advice: Please Help with Current Situation?

A girl I've known for many years, we used to have a long-distance relationship back late last year but I had broken it off because I'm busy with school and of course she's far away. The reason she moved out of state was because she had to get away from her baby daddy, who is completely out of the picture right now. And I've known her before she had her baby (2 y/o). But she recently moved back from out-of-state.

Anywho, she moved back and of course I'm the person she calls. We were talking everyday either call or text, and I would always come over. I assumed that we would pick up were we left off. Boy, I was wrong I help her move in all her stuff, and usually coming over to either hangout or run errands. she currently doesn't have transportation right now or any real sort of income.

She texts this guy back from out-of-state and I'm not sure if its a relationship that she has but I have brought it up and she says they're just friends. And I've actually told her how I feel and that I was good with making the commitment to be with her and her child. She told me she wasn't ready for a serious relationship because she just moved back and wants to get her life together first. Which I completely understand.

But it's been a few months now and we're slowly starting to see less of each other and text/calling has been sort of on a decline. But when we do hangout, we usually hangout for the whole day and I feel like I do all the right things especially with taking care of her kid, and I feel like we're together. I feel like I'm the dad. But we never hook up, hold hands, kiss or do anything. I feel like I need to ask her again what's going on with our current situation because I'm investing a lot of time, and a decent amount of money.

I just need advice on what you guys think I should ask, do? Anything, don't let me down easy because, I feel like this girl can be the person I spend life with.

I also try to let her be the one to initiate conversation now. I usually don't try to text or call her first. And sometimes we won't talk for the whole day.
And I've met her entire family. They love me. They want us to be together :/


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  • If you want to pursue this relationship with her, then you probably need to start flirting with her more, because it sounds like she's not going to initiate anything, maybe due to shyness or nervousness. Ask her out more to datey places, like to the cinema or a restaurant :) Then eventually lead it up to asking her out :D But at the moment it sounds like she sees you as an extremely reliable and close friend who she can trust with both herself and her child, but perhaps nothing more than a friend or maybe she sees you as a family member of sorts.
    But if you leave it to her, I can't really see anything romantic developing... she might be scared of being romantic and losing you entirely...

    • I do sometimes say little things that seem flirty. Sometimes she responds, and sometimes she doesn't.

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    • Hmm I think she will :) Buuuuuut it sounds like she might take ages :/ or at least a couple more months :S so unless you see more signs that she's a bit flirtier etc. you might have to wait a while, it depends upon whether you are willing to wait for such a long time, or want to go out and find somebody else :o Or you could tell her straight out you like her I guess, but want to know whether you'll have to wait for her, so then you know if waiting around will lead to anything :3

    • I've told her before that I've had feelings for her, because like I said in my post we had a long-distance relationship before. She said she just wasn't ready right now because she just moved back, obviously her child also plays a big factor. But she never really said if there would ever be a chance for us again.

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