I really like this guy, but does he like me?

I recently met a guy when me and my friend went out one night. He asked for my number and he texted me the very next day. About two or three days later he told me that he wanted to see me and take me on a date. So I said ok. He took me out to eat and it was nice. We laughed a lot, talked a lot and we both enjoyed each other company. He was a gentleman as well, he open the car door and closed it for me too. I felt very relaxed around him and I felt like I could be myself. The night ended well too. He kissed me at the end of the date very very very passionately. I don't think I've ever been kissed like that by a man lol. We both went home that night. The next day he texted me and we talked and he told me how much he liked the kiss. I'm really bad at picking up signals. Since that day I have not seen him (the first date was a week ago). He texts me everyday but sometimes he takes a little while to reply. He seems rather busy. I asked if he was definitely single and he told me that he is single. I don't know if he's too busy to spend time with me or if he's just taking things really slow, I'm terrible at picking up signals and I don't really know much about dating since I don't do it often. Are you suppose to go on dates once a week? Are dates spread out? Are things going the way they're suppose to go? I'm not really sure what to think. He told me that he works at a hospital in the ER so he works long hours. And he said he works a lot of days in a row so he can have 2 or 3 days off in a row. He's also going to college. I asked him if he was too busy to get to know me and he said that he was not too busy, and that I can text him anytime. I'm just wondering when I will see him again since I do like him. Does he like me? Is he taking things slow?


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  • Here's when you'll see him again: ? Here's how you can see him again: ask him out.


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  • may be he is observing you that how much you are crazy about her.


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  • He clearly likes you. As you said he's a gentlemen so it's not like he would just move on, he just seems to be taking things slowly and wants the dates to be spread out a bit more. It's good that he's still texting you that means he's still interested.
    Wait for him to initiate the next date if he's keen it will happen trust me. Don't panick as to when it will happen I think it is going at a good pace anyway.

    • Thank you for your advice. =) I'm new to this whole dating thing so I wasn't sure if it was going at a good pace or if he liked me. I also think it's good to take your time. I hope we have another date soon, I'm really starting to like him the more I talk to him. =)

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