Do you call the next day or wait?

Say you run into somebody of the opposite sex you haven't seen in some time (you were just acquaintances, talked a bit but never hung out or anything) and exchange numbers to get together sometime, would calling the next day be too soon?


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  • It depends on the intention of "get together sometime". What does it really mean? Too many times people dont mean what they say and are just being polite. Which one of you said it, you or her? It may not be true but I suspect that if she said it she as being polite... as women are often instructed to do. If you said it, it depends on your up bringing... it could mean you are sexually attracted to her. Very few men will hand out with a women unless he wants something sexual from her. Not all men are like this of course.

    I think the key here is "Intention". and "who made the proposal"

    I can't answer the question until I know this. But let me assume it:

    If you made the proposal to get together. What are your intentions? Do you want to get to know her? Do you want to date her? Do you want to have sex with her? Also are you single? If you are, then call with in 3-4 days. If you are in a relationship, then think about how your partner will feel if you contacted her. You might want to talk it over with your partner to avoid confusion.

    If she made the proposal to get together you can't really know her intentions but you can surely find out. I would contact her within 3-4 days to see how since her words were. This conversation should reveal a lot of information. You will find out if she is extremely busy and if she wants nothing to do with you and was being polite. If you end up meeting up again you will also get even more information by talking to her.

    So, you have many options and it really depends on a few factors!


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  • I would. I know that there's no cheap formula, just call when you feel like it, say hello, feel good, and make her feel good and then there's going to be a whole lotta love flying in the air.

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