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I am going out with this guy and we are not into relationship kinda thing. We' re just hooking when we wanted to but him he's kinda being questionable all the time. He question me if only sex I wanted from then the last time I sent him a not missing him he asked " if him I'm missing or just the sex"... Do when he send me a note saying " let's hook up soon" I didn't reply right away coz I felt annoyed coz he shouldn't be questioning it and I don't want him to text on weekends do is it okay to get back at him after 2 weeks... What should I say without explaning. Was it weird?


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  • i think you should take him on a date to a English and literature class, i think it would bond you both together and sort out some serious grammar disorders you currently have.


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  • This is a case of "He said, she said," and although it sounds a bit More than between the sheets here for him, I am thinking he may like you More than just--------IN between the sheets. Maybe the reason for the 'Twenty question quiz.'
    Just text him yo say "Hi" whenever you feel like it. Tell him you will let him know when you both can "hook up." This will keep him on his toes.
    Don't 'Explain' anything in sending a message. Just tell him "We can talk more when we are together."
    Maybe it Is time to talk about-----Your relationship kinda thing.
    Good luck. xx