How do I prevent a guys from losing interest in me while I'm in a different country?

I met this guy a few weeks ago and we really liked each other and hit it off very well. We went on several dates, held hands, cuddled, and kissed each other on the cheek because I didn't let him kiss me yet. Anyway, I already had my tickets bought to go to Colombia for a month before I even met him. However, I really like him. I don't want him to lose interest in me while I'm away. I've already texted him first twice in a row and I haven't texted him because I'm waiting for him to text me first this time. It's been 3 days and he hasn't texted me. I don't want to be clingy and keep texting him first. He's been taking a log time to reply and it makes me feel like he doesn't like me anymore. It's only been a little over a week since I've been here and he's already lost interest which is ridiculous to me. I really wanna keep what we had going alive this month but it's hard when we can't even hang out or go on dates. I don't know what to do.

He sent me a snapchat of himself sleeping saying how h's bored, then I sent him one back saying "tired", then I sent him a snapchat of my little cousin saying "my baby<3" and then he sent me one back saying "who me?" And that was it.


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  • Have you video chatted with him?

    • No I haven't. I want to initiate one though but he hasn't been showing interest in talking to me.

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    • He hasn't been super busy with anything. Were in summer so there's not much school work or anything school related to get done. He's been enrolling in college and he works and stuff but it's nothing that is too consuming to just shoot me a text so I know I'm still on his mind. I really want to text him or something and initiate a video chat but I just don't want to seem clingy. I'm trying to be patient and see if he'll actually text me sometime.. But he hasn't. Should I just move on? I like him a lot though :(

    • You don't have to move on. Just give him a little more time. I know it must be hard on you to be so far from him. Makes me feel lucky my babe is only going to DC.

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  • ye a video chat would be good, refreshes his memory of your face.

  • periodically send them revealing pics and teasers that eventually show more.


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