When a relationship is in trouble, is space good or bad?

My girlfriend and I had a lot of fights over the past month, and we both said some things that hurt each other. Now, however, we are trying to work through things. We talked and decided that if we can stop fighting, and if we can be happy with each other, then we should still date, if not, we should break up. I feel that things are a little fragile right now, and am worried that if I give her too much space she will get distant from me. I know that I can't smother her with affection, but I also don't think that a lot of space would be good either, I think it would create a bigger rift and lead to our break up. What do you guys think?

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  • There is nothing wrong with 'Space,' sweetie, to allow That other person to have some free time for themselves, their own friends and hobbies, and at the same time, it gives that person a chance to do some 'Missing with the kissing.' It's not healthy to always 'Smother' one another with constant Attention, and some Compromise for time apart, Can make the heart grow fonder even.
    If it is true love, a Real Relationship, then Space and Compromise, along with trust and patience and loyalty, then there should be no reason Why Anyone has to--------Lead to a break up.
    However, for things do happen in a relationship, as you have found out, that if you both ever decide to 'Break up' just to feel things out, do some soul searching, Take a 'Break' from one another Instead. It really helps to know that a 'Break' is Not like a Breakup and it will tell you Then if you want to split up later on.
    Good luck, keep plugging... xx


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  • Tell her you care about her and you want everything to work out but give her space to make up her mind about what she wants

  • must give space so that both can think through the situation calmly and thoroughly without any pressure.


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  • Give her space for a bit then get back to seeing her alot. They say distace makes the heart grow fonder, but if it's too long her feelings for you will go away

    • That seems logical in every other circumstance but for some reason I feel like if I give her space then it will make her lose interest in me and forget about me... She isn't one to really show her emotions a lot, and if I gave her space then it would take her a while to ask to hang out with me. For instance, I went on vacation for 10 days and when I came back then while she was very excited to see me, she didn't show it a ton (but she did tell me that she missed me a lot).